Welcome to Helm’s Deep

This site is intended to be a place to run role-playing games. Either play by post games, or as a content management system for games you may play with friends online.

Here you can create your own group, in which you can store anything related to your campaign, such as character sheets, maps, other images, etc. That way you can pull them up from anywhere and show them to your group.

Or perhaps you want to prep some adventures or encounters ahead of time. You can setup any kind of document, which can be kept private to you, or shared with other members of your group. Anything entered as part of your group is not visible to anyone who isn’t a member of that group.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a private message (your private message control panel is under the My Profile link in the main menu). Or, you can start a new topic in the appropriate forum outside your group.

  • What Can I Do In My Group?
    You might be thinking to yourself, “What sort of things can I do with my game group?”. Well, lots of things! Let’s say you’re a DM/GM/WhateverM, and you find it’s always a scramble to get everyone’s initiative modifiers, base AC, and status every time there’s a new encounter. A Quick reference table that’s easily edited would make a world of difference, would it not? Well, making such a table is very easy. Take this example below. Took just a few …